Baby Buster Brown
It’s about that time..

When I originally began this blog several month ago, it was my ambitious intention to post a daily picture and a weekly update. HA.

We all see how well that went… 

Oh well. 

Life as a parent seems to be full of a lot of “oh well”s doesn’t it? As well as an equal (or greater) amount of “OH S***”s…

However, it is about time for an update, if even a very brief one (because showering is NOT going on todays “oh well” list). 

Lincoln is crawling, standing, and making more noises every day. No first steps or first words yet, but hey, he’s only 11months old, we’re not worried. He does dance to music, which is pretty much the cutest thing the planet’s ever going to see, and he has phenomenal rhythm. He’s still the happiest baby ever, but gone are the easy going days of months 1-6. He’s very, very opinionated; and rather dramatic. (I have no clue where those traits comes from…ehem.)

As we approach Lincoln’s 1st birthday, something very interesting has come to our attention. Lincoln thinks mommy & daddy’s “serious voice” (and the word “NO!”) is hilarious. Oh, he knows what “no” means, he just doesn’t care. At all. EVER. His favourite game is to crawl towards something he knows he’s not allowed to have or touch, turn around to make sure Mom or Dad see, and go for it. Full speed, activate deadly-quickness. And then laugh and flirt as we spring (just a little too late!) into action, active deadly-seriousness. When we finally snatch him up and away, he babbles and snuggles oh so adorably. (Read: shamelessly.) Then, he tries it again. This time with a bigger grin.

So this is what happens when two head-strong, spoiled, charming people make a baby.

Oh s***…

I tremble in fear for…every year to come really.

Now before I head off to my blissful 5min temperature fluctuating shower I ask you: what am I supposed to do when there’s TWO?? 

Especially considering I don’t really know what to do with one yet.